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At Polished Publishing Group (PPG), we strive to produce bestselling books and develop bestselling authors. Our promise is “polished professional results” for all our clients so they have the best chance at commercial success.  

What is Hybrid Publishing? 
PPG’s hybrid book publishing model (a.k.a. supported self-publishing) incorporates the flexibility and copyright retention of vanity (self) publishing with the professional quality of traditional (trade) publishing to provide authors with a much more balanced approach to book publishing. Balance is better because it arms authors with all the tools that they will need to sell enough copies of their books to earn a profit, and it gives them more control over whether their books become bestsellers.
PPG also coaches authors on how to successfully sell their own books. The old adage, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day … teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime,” certainly applies here. We want
long-term commercial success for all our authors.  

How It Works  
Think of PPG as a skilled project manager for self-publishing authors. We support them in producing truly high quality books by guiding them through the entire process from conception to publication. We assist both individuals and businesses in publishing audiobooks, ebooks, paperbacks, and hardcover versions of their titles plus provide online distribution opportunities throughout the world. Advertising, sales, marketing, and publicity services are also available through our various partners.  

It used to be that, whenever a book was published, there was automatically a large run of 1,000 or more copies of it printed and stored away in a large warehouse by the publisher and/or its distributor(s). This meant a higher upfront cost for that publisher on all of its books without any guarantee that they would be able to sell them all off. Times have changed. Today’s self-publishing authors have many more choices available to them. If they want to print that many books straight away, they still can. Alternatively, they can choose to print fewer numbers of books at a time (i.e., 250 copies) as selling opportunities arise. Alternatively yet, they can even choose to not print any physical copies of their books at all and simply sell digital versions of them online. The sky is the limit nowadays, and this is good news for self-publishers. Let PPG help you with your printing and non-printing needs.

PPG ensures its authors’ books are available for sale all around the world for at least two years—longer than that for those who agree to extend their distribution terms with us once the first two years are up. Whether consumers prefer to order PPG books through their favourite bookstores or buy them online, here are just a few of the many places where they can be found:

North American Distribution Channels
• Amazon
• Baker & Taylor
• Barnes & Noble
• Espresso Book Machine (EBM)
• Ingram
United Kingdom Distribution Channels
• Adlibris
• Amazon
• Aphrohead
• Bertrams
• Book Depository
• Coutts
• Eden Interactive, Ltd.
• Gardne
• Mallory International
• Paperback Shop

Online Purchases of PPG Paperbacks/Hardcovers
• shop.polishedpublishinggroup.com
• www.amazon.ca
• www.amazon.com
• www.amazon.co.uk  

Online Purchases of PPG eBooks
• www.ebookmall.com

PPG’s authors are the copyright owners of their books and retain all their finished files at the end of the publishing process; therefore, they reserve the right to expand this distribution and sales network even further if they wish to. The sky is the limit when you are the owner of your book. Where and how you sell it is entirely up to you.


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What Makes PPG a Modern, ECO-Friendly Book Publisher?

Polished Publishing Group (PPG) is a supportive self-publishing house, designed specifically for serious-minded authors, that combines the quality of traditional (trade) publishing with the flexibility and control of vanity publishing. PPG’s primary mandate is to make the dream of publishing a book more accessible to authors the world over while producing 
professional-quality results that emulate the books created by trade publishers.

PPG operates in a paperless, virtual office environment. The company's publishing processes are completely electronic which boosts productivity and makes information sharing much easier from any location anywhere in the world with Internet access.
Because PPG utilizes the latest technological advances to communicate and share information with its authors, editors, designers, and printers, etc. (such as Skype™, Webex webinars, email, and online forms), the company can effectively operate from the comfort and convenience of home offices and avoid the high costs associated with leasing expensive office space. This eco-friendly business practice allows PPG to keep its prices down while still providing proper customer service to authors. It also allows the company to work with contracted vendors from all around the world, wherever authors are located.
PPG produces audiobooks, ebooks, paperbacks, and hardcovers for our authors. Because we employ modern print-on-demand (POD) printing processes, authors can print paperback books as needed thereby avoiding unnecessary printing/warehousing costs. These are two more ways PPG is helping the environment while helping clients realize the dream of publishing a book.

* * *

"This was my first experience with self-publishing, and I've heard some concerning stories from other authors regarding the process. PPG is a different story, because of the professionalism. Kim Staflund and her staff run a business that is highly professional and coordinated, yet has that all-important human touch that was very relieving given the nature of this project and the group involved. We felt like our project was cared for, but we never felt anything, not one minute detail, was handled with anything but the greatest diligence and the highest professionalism. Working with PPG was a wholly pleasing experience."

~October 2012, Paul Sonsteby, author of 100 Years of Memories: Celebrating Strathmore's Centennial
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