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Who Are We?

Think of Polished Publishing Group (PPG) as a skilled project manager for authors. We assist both individuals and businesses in producing professional grade books by guiding you through the entire process from conception to publication. We can help you produce audiobooks, ebooks, paperbacks, and hardcover versions of your titles plus provide online distribution opportunities throughout the world. Copy writing, advertising, sales coaching, marketing, and publicity services are also available through our various partners.

Our Mission

If your goal is to produce a professional quality book that you can sell commercially, the team at PPG can help. We offer much more than professional book publishing and worldwide distribution here. Our sales coaching services will teach you all the effective tricks of the trade for long-term commercial success.


Book cover and interior design, book publishing and distribution, ghostwriting, copy writing, editing, proofreading, indexing, blogging, ebooks, audiobooks, hardcovers, paperbacks, publicity, advertising, sales coaching, and marketing.


It used to be that, whenever a book was published, there was automatically a large run of 1,000 or more copies of it printed and stored away in a large warehouse by the publisher and/or its distributor(s). This meant a higher upfront cost for that publisher on all its books without any guarantee that they would be able to sell them all off. Times have changed. Today's publishers have many more choices available to them. If you want to print that many books straight away, you still can. Alternatively, you can choose to print fewer numbers of books at a time (i.e., 250 copies) as selling opportunities arise. Alternatively yet, you can even choose to not print any physical copies of your books at all and either sell digital versions (ebooks and audiobooks) online or offer physical versions (paperback and hardcovers) to customers on a print-on-demand basis. The sky is the limit nowadays, and this is good news for everyone. Let PPG help you with all your book printing and non-printing needs.


PPG offers worldwide distribution to all the traditional bookstores and popular e-commerce retailers via Ingram Content Group.

The PPG Advantage

PPG incorporates the flexibility and copyright retention of vanity (a.k.a. indie, self) publishing with the professional quality of traditional trade publishing to provide our authors with a much more balanced approach to book publishing, sales, and marketing. Balance is better because it arms you with all the tools you'll need to make your project a success. For more details, visit our FAQ page to "sneak a peek" inside our various educational guides for authors. Or download a FREE BOOK PUBLISHING GUIDE here.


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