“All facets of writing, publishing, and marketing are covered in this book through the voice of a publisher and entrepreneur, which gives Staflund’s book more credibility and value than many other guides on the market today.” ~Penn Book Review
** Penn Book Review by Elizabeth Smith-Gardiner, an academic writer and Communications professor currently teaching at the Texas A&M University (2014), who endorses How to Publish a Bestselling Book as future publishing course material. **

"…Staflund gives good advice and it's remarkably
far-reaching, considering that it covers several countries … [A]n enlightening, helpful book which gives you an excellent introduction to the business of publishing." 
~The Bookbag

"As a veteran of the publishing industry, Staflund certainly is an authoritative voice and provides helpful guidance in her newest book, How to Publish a Bestselling Book … [A] must-read for any writer hoping to publish their next book." ~Hollywood Book Reviews

“Staflund’s respect for the writers at the heart of the publishing process makes this a worthwhile addition to any aspiring author’s bookshelf.” ~ForeWord Reviews, Clarion Review

“[T]here is a wealth of information within these pages. … Staflund holds nothing back, and because of that, How to Publish a Bestselling Book has the feel of a roadmap. Just follow it, and it will easily take you where you want to go.” ~Pacifc Book Review

"...exceptional, practical, detailed, comprehensive, and thoroughly 'user friendly' from beginning to end." ~Midwest Book Review

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